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Pilgrimage to Santiago

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Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor guest » segunda Oct 31, 2005 14:24

Hello to everybody,
in September I visited Portugal (and for one day Santiago in Spain).

Now (next year behaps) I want to go the "caminho" from Porto/P to Santiago /Sp (about 250 km). My question to you: do you know if anybody walked the offical caminho with gps? I only found gps data for the "spanish way" to Santiago.
And: Where can I get good maps?
Or: Is anybody in the portugese "gps-community" who likes to start the project "Caminho"? Next to me in Germany there is a project "E 5": we have to place around 120 Caches next to the European hiking trail E 5 (~ 550 km). Why not try to place caches from Porto to Santiago?

Please mail if you´re interested...

Best regards and keep hunting

Roland, oldboyscout
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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor danieloliveira » segunda Oct 31, 2005 15:50

The idea of placing caches from Porto to Santiago sounds like and excellent one. However, knowing the groundspeak only approves caches placed by "locals" these would have to, first have an approval stamp from local cacher and second from groundspeak.
Getting back to the maps, what exactly are you looking for? 1:25000 topo sheets or do you want them in some sort of digital GIS format? We can have a look around to see if anyone will part with this sort of information
If you really must know, then click below:
http://img.geocaching.com/stats/img.asp ... 93eae3ea8f
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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor Bargao_Henriques » segunda Oct 31, 2005 19:03

Olá Roland!

I found these maps of the "Caminho Português": http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/djalmazelda/caminho/mapa-a3.pdf

<img src="http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=1498b1c7-e384-4431-8567-b1445d1f7d3e">
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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor guest » terça nov 01, 2005 10:41

Hallo Danieloliveira, boa dia Paulo,

many thanks for the links!!! As an oldboyscout I´m also looking for topo maps 25.000 (do you have in Portugal all topo sheets on a CD-rom like in Germany? ) and GPS map format.
But these in a “light version”: I use a geko 200 (!).
Of course I want to walk and not look all the time on the GPS .
I found a German website with a lot of information about hotels, youth hostels and pilgrims-houses. So I think with maps and coords on GPS it must be possible to plan the pilgrimage from here.
Of course you need some local cacher who will be responsible for the cache. Maybe it ´s a good chance for a portugese-spain friedship project over the border?

Roland, oldboyscout
(for e-mail look at my profile at geocaching.com)

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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor olharapo » terça nov 01, 2005 23:11

A few years ago with 4 friends I´ve walk between Valença do Minho e Santiago. It was a 5 stages walk, with 110 km.
We rested in the Pousadas del Camino, and I´ve that waypoints. I´ll send you the file.
All the trail are very well signed, and the GPS is almost unnecessary.
In Porrino, Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reys e Padron, ask in Police station for the Pousada de Pelegrino and they´ll help you.

Like they say: Buon Camino
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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor vitordh » quarta nov 02, 2005 14:08


I have this track.
If you want the track GPS (gdb) send a mail.
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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor lopesco » quinta nov 03, 2005 11:04


Go here:


And tell me wich one could be useful to you and I will try to get it...

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Re: Pilgrimage to Santiago

Mensagempor guest » sexta nov 04, 2005 08:06

Hallo everybody,

many thanks for your friendly help. Can´t email to "vitordh" - function to mail him is disabled for guests. So: yes I´m interessted in the file. Please mail me the track.
And thanks to lopesco. I will contact you if the time will come.....

Happy hunting to everybody in Portugal.
...and special thanks to bargao_henriques - try to go to a TB-Hotel this sunday

oldboyscout, Roland
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Pilgrimage to Santiago in 2008

Mensagempor oldboyscout » quinta set 20, 2007 14:55

Hello to you in Portugal,
sorry - but this year we visited France. In 2005 and 2006 we came to Portugal.
As you know I want to walk to Santiago from Porto. It will be in May 2008. My question (nothing about software!) :arrow: is there anybody who wants to walk we me ( some stages or the hole way?).

I will track the way with my gps and perhaps I will make some (micro-caches). Therefor I need possibly some godparents. Anybody interested :?:
Now I´m member of this forum and so you can send me a pm!

Keep hunting and best wishes to Paulo (Bargao_Henriques) and his family (in Ribamar this moment?)
Roland aka oldboyscout
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Mensagempor SUp3rFM » quinta set 20, 2007 15:02

This link http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=gtzalrjzaoesodqe might be handy.

As for placing caches, and that's my only opinion, it only makes sense if there's someone in charge of maintenance, whenever that's necessary.

Good luck to your journey!
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Camino de Santiago

Mensagempor sigla_d » domingo nov 18, 2007 18:42

Visit this link.

Maybe there you can find more informations about the Camino


Buen Camino

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