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Uma exc elente definição de Waymarking

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Uma exc elente definição de Waymarking

Mensagempor Torgut » sábado ago 03, 2013 09:26

Gostava de partilhar a definição que o user Dragontree dá do Waymarking no seu profile, porque acho-a uma explicação deliciosa deste jogo tão mal-amado pelos Geocachers:

We would firstly describe Waymarking as an online catalogue of everyday objects. Most of these objects are ‘things’ we walk past or drive by everyday and take little notice of; therefore Waymarking opens your eyes to these ‘things’. It makes you aware of your surroundings and makes you more observant.

This we feel emphasises the importance of Waymarking with the creation of accurate records. It could also be described as an online Time Capsule of information where places which are obliterated from the face-of-the-earth either through manmade or natural disaster can be seen as they were and documented in the exact place; re-building can even be structured around Waymarks.

We think the most important ideal about Waymarking is the preservation and documentation of the things we take for granted and see all around us for future generations.

Waymarking helps us learn and discover in new locations by making us so much more alert to the little ‘things’.

For example - whereas once when we were out Geocaching we were focused on a specific clue in a churchyard and admired the church, perhaps taking a look inside; since we have been Waymarking we study the brick or stonework for Benchmarks, walking all round the church, inspect the scratch dials and sundials, photographing every detail; we peer up at the tower to look for gargoyles and read the names on the gravestones. Then, we try the door and if the church is open photograph the font, piscina, study the walls for coats-of-arms and gasp at the colour in the stained glass windows as we methodically wander round taking photographs. Our aim, it seems, is to fulfil every interesting category we can find at each location.

It is this detail when visiting the location which encourages us to perhaps, purchase a church leaflet, sign the visitors’ book and read the information boards. Once home and tackling our list of Waymarks to submit, the serious research and education arrives as books of Nikolaus Pevsner are scoured and Google is seriously utilised in our quest to create an interesting Waymark.

It is whilst creating the Waymarks online that we have found that so much content on individual items is scattered around the web in obscure places. The resulting Waymark brings together all the little snippets into one place often for the first time and is importantly available to all. We hope this makes other peoples’ research a little easier as a Waymark now exists to document an object, it doesn’t have to be purchased like a book and actively encourages viewers to follow this way of documentation.

The other great discovery tool is of course the photography aspect of the Waymark. Having multiple pictures to show the object in the Waymark enables a colourful, detailed documentation to share with others.

Another and entirely different side to Waymarking is the ‘collecting’ of the different category icons. Whilst some categories interest us more than others we aim to have at least one Waymark in each and every one! This is not possible for many categories as a large amount are country specific but in seeking out a new category online research, snippets of news from TV or magazines mean you are on the look-out for that elusive category at all times.

When we find a new category’s Waymark waiting for us in the furthest part of Dorset or on a mountain in North Wales we plan our holiday outings around this location together with Geocaching nearby. This gives us the incentive to go somewhere we would never have thought of before nor found in the local tourist guide resulting in many more Waymarks along the way! Which can only be a good thing!

We have been able to implement a Category which can serve a charity and document locations close to our hearts which is vital to future memories.

The other most satisfying elements of Waymarking are that it combines all of our talents and interests. We can use writing skills, photography skills and art/design interests to create a Waymark online and we can visit the places in person where we have always wanted to go. It gives a sense of purpose to our adventures and creates an ongoing memory of the world where our footsteps have fallen.
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Re: Uma exc elente definição de Waymarking

Mensagempor RuiJSDuarte » sábado ago 03, 2013 13:25

LIKE IT, very much! :clap:

Até estive a ver as fotos no télemovel e criei um numa categoria nova...
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Re: Uma exc elente definição de Waymarking

Mensagempor jasafara » domingo ago 04, 2013 01:23

Talvez um de vós queira traduzir o artigo para Português. Se a excelentíssima admin estiver de acordo daria um belo artigo para o portal ;))
Senão com certeza que existirão interessados :twisted:
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